Trac Lease

What is a Trac Lease?


A TRAC lease is an open-ended (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease.  It is a lease where the lessee is responsible for the residual value at the lease end.  Specifically designed to allow you the flexibility to decide the residual based on your needs.  Designed for vehicles used more than 50% of the time for business purposes.

An eligible lessee must be a commercial entity (sole proprietor, corportation or LLC) that will use the vehicle more than 50% of the time for business purposes.  In addition, also eligible are non-profit organizations and private colleges and universities that are not designated as municipalities.


Eligible Vehicles

  • New/Used
  • Cars through heavy duty trucks
  • Bi-fuel
  • BEV Vehicles
  • Upfit Vehicles
  • High Mileage and Heavy Use Vehicles


Ineligible vehicles

  • Vehicles used for livery (for hire) operations
  • Emergency, fire and ambulance
  • Rental Units
  • Federal, State or Local Government


  • Flexible terms

  • No acquisition, or up-front administration fees

  • No termination fees

  • No mileage restrictions or penalties

  • No charges for excess wear or use

  • Upfits can be residualized

  • Combined billing

Standard Terms and Residuals Guidelines

% Based on Final Net Capitalized Cost:
24 Mos.
36 Mos.
48 Mos.
60 Mos.

Vehicle Protection Add-On

Protect your investment by keeping your vehicle up to date with Scheduled Maintenance.  But, for unexpected repairs you can rely on Ford Protect Extended Service Plan that helps protect you from the cost of any unforeseen events.

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